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Tablet PC, Digital Photo Frame
    1. 7 Inch Tablet PC
    2. 7 Inch Tablet PCThis 7 inch tablet PC TP79N is one of our best sellers. It is a 3G interior device that supports easy connection to the internet through 3G, as well as calling function. Our product is configured with the WCDMA2100/1900/900/850 cards, GPS and Bluetooth device. With the double SIM cards slots, it is an ideal tool to manage your online world anywhere.
    1. 7” Dual Core Tablet PC
    2. 7” Dual Core Tablet PCWith the thickness of only 12mm, the body is ultra thin, delicate, small and portable. The new generation of multi-point capacitive touch screen is adopted. It has super light transmittance, sensitive touch reaction and accurate positioning. The fluent operation feeling brings you the unprecedented experience.
    1. 8” Dual Core Tablet PC
    2. 8” Dual Core Tablet PCThe full-page view is available for users without need for horizontal dragging. Apart from the large visual area, the screen of the product also has high resolution as high as 1024×768. The definition of the picture and video is very high. More details can be shown. The screen that we adopt makes the top position in the massive screens of similar products.
    1. 9.7” Dual Core Tablet PC
    2. 9.7” Dual Core Tablet PCThe TP97 series of tablet PC employs the Rockchip high performance low power consumption RK3066 dual-core chip which takes usage of dual-core Cortex-A9 architecture and whose peak frequency can reach up to 1.6GHZ. As one of the fastest dual-core processors in the world so far, the RK3066 achieves performance improvement by more than 200% than the single-core processor.
    1. 10.1” Dual Core Tablet PC
    2. 10.1” Dual Core Tablet PCOn its front face, there is no redundant physical buttons, which makes the whole product seem concise and nice. The product supports online firmware upgrade. It has been installed with the official shop and Google service suite. The whole complete system function is very practical to the customers.
    1. 3G Tablet PC
    2. 3G Tablet PCThe tablet PC is mounted with video and audio play software. It supports the gapless playback of all formats. Meanwhile, the product can also be installed with office software. Combined with the multiple functions like music, video and movie playing, it has strong online entertainment function. The built-in camera can realize video call, which allows you to make zero-distance

Tablet PC Manufacturer

Come into existence in July 2003, SWELL Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional consumer electronics manufacturer in China. We focus on producing tablet PC and digital photo frame. The eBook reader is also our auxiliary product. We are especially expert in researching, developing and manufacturing the tablet PC.

With the production base sitting in Baoan district in Shenzhen, SWELL has already been developed into an enterprise with working staff of about 300, production workshop and office area of 1500m² as well as the staff dormitory of 980m². We have a clear division of labor in functions and follow the human resource management system strictly.